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This is what Kayak Touring for E4K with Misha Collins looks like. Thank you for all your support, your generous donations and your helping hand in spreading awareness!

- Os

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suarez pranking pique


suarez pranking pique

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My motivation to do anything today explained in one picture



amantedelcalcio "Once you get this, you have to say five things about yourself publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers. Have fun!! (You're one of my faves ❤️)"

Thank you sweety ❤️ you will def be doing this too !

I dance like Beyoncé, I sing like Beyoncé, Im rich like Beyoncé, I date a hot footballer not like Beyoncé, and I am a role model like Beyoncé…. that would be 5 things about me I would have like to tell you…my bad..

Non obvious things about myself is that:

  • I am born on a September 4th like Beyoncé haha (I am not lying),
  • I can’t no longer count how many nail polishes I have,
  • I left my favorite bra at a bar yesterday night,
  • love hates me,
  • & I spent a year in England and I survived…(lol im joking, I loved it except the food)
  • You’re the hardest person in the world to say no to.

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  • Anonymous "Tu es belle"

    Merci Anon ! Toi aussi :) Peu importe qui tu es ! 

    "I broke up with a guy who had a bad habit of falling into other girls vaginas."

  • jensen ackles meme: favourite photoshoots [1/4]

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